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With the oriental philosophy of keeping good health and the harmony concept of herbal usage, YUAN creates an effective prescription beneficial for all beings.

Founded in 2005, YUAN adopts Taiwan herbs as the theme which integrates with oriental philosophy of keeping good health, and ideal of caring for both human and the environment. We started YUAN business from hand-made Taiwan herbal soap. Through the implementation of biotechnology combining herbal essence and high-grade essential oil, we further developed cleaning and skincare products for body, face, mouth, pets, housework...etc.

Cherish the Ourselves and Care for Others

In 1999 when YUAN’s founder, Mr. Chiang Rongyuan’s career was in full swing, his inner spirits strongly resisted the fraudulent social environment. Constant physical and mental exhaustion resulted in body imbalance and finally led him feeling unwell and heavy allergies. From then on, Mr. Chiang decided to slow down his pace and regulated himself through religion and breathing exercise. He developed natural soap purely made of plants with the aim to take care of the body and also others. He thought to integrate the Taiwanese simple aesthetics and the community labors, launched his own line of body care products.

In order not to cause harm to human body and pollution to the environment, YUAN’s handmade soap adopts natural herbal ingredients and simple packaging. Within just two or three years, YUAN’s products have caused great social repercussions, proving that the LOHAS wellness concept has become an inevitable trend. In addition, products with high quality and simple packaging can better respond to modern people's pursuit of physical and mental purity.


National Award of Sustainable Development
YUAN has grown herbs in Yangmingshan National Park since 2006.



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